Matthew Muller New Orleans

Matthew Muller New Orleans Opens Up About How Running Has Changed His Life

“Any runner you ask will have a story about how getting a good run in can instantly improve their day,” says Matthew Muller New Orleans teacher and historian. The “runner’s high”, is a well-known phenomenon caused by euphoria producing hormones known as endorphins.

“It’s incredible,” says Matthew Muller New Orleans runner. “There’s nothing like that feeling when you break through the wall and you’re just flying. But it’s not just about being in a better mood. Running changes your body, your psychology, even your life philosophy.”

Running Changes Your Body Composition for the Better Says Matthew Muller New Orleans Runner

“Your body composition is what percentage of your body is lean muscle, water, fat, bone, or organs. Most people are trying to increase their lean muscle and decrease their subcutaneous fat,” explains Matthew Muller New Orleans runner. “Running is a perfect way to accomplish those goals.”

Running improves your cardiovascular health and overall strength. A stronger body means a higher metabolism, better bone density, and a general boost to your overall health and well-being.

Matthew Muller New Orleans Historian and Teacher Talks About the Psychological Benefits of Running

“Running is a way to build up your mental strength, test your fortitude and endurance, and prove to yourself

Matthew Muller New Orleans
Matthew Muller New Orleans

what you’re capable of,” enthuses Matthew Muller New Orleans. “I started running when I was younger, and it taught me confidence at a time when I was a little low on that feeling.”

Studies have shown that teenagers and young adults who are involved in running and other physical sports experience an increase in confidence, sleep better, have a healthier relationship with food, and report general overall better moods than those who don’t exercise regularly. It has also been cited as a treatment for depression – those same endorphins that your brain releases while you run can lower stress hormones and lift your mood significantly.

“It’s the best medicine there is,” says Matthew Muller New Orleans. “When it’s just you and the road, you really have time to sort through your thoughts and just be.”

Matthew Muller New Orleans Runner Offers His Best Running Tip for Beginners

“The most important advice that I can give anyone who wants to start running is… ‘Do it,’” says Matthew Muller New Orleans teacher. “Don’t be intimidated by people who are out training for marathons – running is all about setting goals for yourself – being competitive with yourself. Ask any runner about their times – we all love to talk about how we beat our 8-minute record last week. That’s something I love about this community – the openness and the support. Everyone is just trying to do their best – be their best.”

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