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Matt Muller of New Orleans Discusses Community Responsibility with Clean-ups

Participating in Cleanups Demonstrate a Commitment to the Community, Explains Matt Muller of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana boats a population of more than 390,000 people. According to the most recent census, it is ranked as the 51st largest city. In order to keep it looking good, it depends on community members to volunteer periodically. Matt Muller of New Orleans is committed to the city, which is why he partakes in regular cleanups.

Matt Muller New Orleans is not only a teacher but also a licensed tour guide in the city of New Orleans. He is a historian and works to volunteer in a number of nonprofits throughout the state. Many of the projects he works on are to beautify local parks and spaces.

New Orleans has grown to become a top tourist spot in the United States. As such, there are times when it gets dirty. Participating in trash clean-up events can provide residents with a sense of pride. Matt Muller of New Orleans explains that he feels closer to the city when he gets to volunteer. He is able to walk the city, meet people, and contribute to the overall beautification of NOLA.

Trash clean-ups, as Matt Muller New Orleans admits, are not the most glamorous volunteer opportunities out there. However, it can be a humbling experience. It helps the city because there are so many people litter without thinking twice about it. While there are public workers responsible for dealing with trash, they don’t do the trash pickup littering the grounds along highways and within parks. That’s where volunteers come in.

Matt Muller New Orleans has been volunteering for trash pickup for years. He finds it to be an eye-opening experience based on what people toss. He says that there’s always so much of the same – food wrappers, soda and beer bottles, and much more. He believes in the importance of committing to the community and regularly encourages his students to join in the various organizations that arrange pick-up days. Additionally, he works to preserve history by cleaning up the various memorials and monuments that explore the diversity of New Orleans.

When too much trash accumulates, Matt Muller of New Orleans explains that it can lead to odor, pests, and even making a community feel less safe. Matt Muller in New Orleans also explains that by picking up trash, it will prevent wildlife from getting ahold of it and it won’t find its way into aquatic ecosystems. A clean city invites in tourists and encourages people to learn of America’s history.

The good news is that there are a number of litter control programs throughout New Orleans and the surrounding area. With many organizations planning “pick up parties,” Matt Muller New Orleans says that cleaning up the trash can be a way to meet involved members of the community and have a positive effect on the city.

Anyone who wants to learn about ways that they can volunteer can explore where they want to clean. #CleanUpNOLA is even a hashtag that can be used to learn more, Matt Muller in New Orleans says.

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