Matthew Muller New Orleans
Matt Muller New Orleans

Matt Muller New Orleans Reflects on Animal Rescue work in Southeast Asia

World traveler Matt Muller New Orleans looks back on his volunteer efforts at one of Thailand’s famous elephant rescue centers.

Volunteering alongside his wife on a recent trip to the popular Southeast Asian country, Matt Muller New Orleans selflessly took time out of his travels to lend support to a famous Thai rescue center focused on rehabilitating abused elephants. Helping to wash, groom, and feed the animals, Louisiana-based teacher, historian, and licensed tour guide Matt offers a closer look at the experience.

“I’ve always loved animals, wildlife, and nature in general,” says Matt Muller New Orleans, speaking from his home in the Big Easy. Muller is a historian, teacher, and tour guide based in the Louisiana city of New Orleans, located on the Mississippi River and close to the Gulf of Mexico.

During a recent vacation to Thailand, Matt Muller New Orleans and his wife found themselves in a position to volunteer at a celebrated elephant rescue center. “On a recent trip to Thailand to visit friends and experience new culture, my wife and I volunteered to help wash, groom, and feed elephants rescued from abusive owners,” reveals Matt. Muller is no stranger to volunteering and regularly lends his support to a variety of good causes back in New Orleans.

Additionally, while in Thailand, Matt Muller New Orleans and his wife also took part in several cultural exchanges, particularly with Buddhist monks. Here, the pair experienced discussions, religious services, and, as a thank you, later assisted in English language learning for the monks they had met.

Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins, ornate temples, and opulent royal palaces. Thailand quickly became a favorite destination of both Matt Muller New Orleans and his wife, and the pair look forward, they say, to returning soon.

Matt Muller is a qualified historian and licensed tour guide from New Orleans. Matt holds a master’s degree in history and, since graduating from Louisiana State University, has worked as both a teacher and a museum manager. Muller is a passionate world traveler, and both he and his wife revel in supporting international charities and other good causes as and when they vacation around the globe.

Where time permits, Matt Muller New Orleans is also a committed volunteer back on U.S. soil, often lending a hand to local charities and helping to clean and beautify local parks and other public spaces. Elsewhere, the licensed tour operator is proud to regularly serve as a volunteer museum guide at a number of local institutions.

On an equally selfless note, the historian has further lent his practical skills to help paint houses and buildings on behalf of various nonprofit organizations in and around New Orleans.

Outside of travel and volunteering, Louisiana-based Matt Muller‘s main interests are reading, running, and enjoying the outdoors with his family and friends. He also regularly partakes in various speed workouts with an eclectic group of fellow New Orleans locals.

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